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I trust that quality dialogue spaces are key to solving the biggest challenges we face globally.

The climate crisis, inequality, the covid-19 pandemic - to name a few - are problems that require collaboration amongst different actors to be resolved.  

It is essential to articulate civil society, governments and companies to implement new development models - I am especially interested in sustaining spaces for collaboration between actors.


Today, I act as a facilitator and consultant for organisations, designing and hosting participatory processes that enable stakeholders to engage in solving issues through collaboration.


In my work, I have a keen eye for the conditions that enable groups to collaborate to gain a broader understanding of a challenge; create innovative solutions; reach agreements and make decisions that consider all their impacts.


I am brazilian, born in Belo Horizonte, where I have lived most of my life. I have also lived in São Paulo (SP, Brazil), Brumadinho (MG, Brazil), Alicante (Spain) and I currently live in Brighton (United Kingdom). Each time I get in touch with what is new to me, I get to know myself more and develop more capacity to appreciate the present moment.

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Photo: Camila Rocha

My journey

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Photo: Dynelle Coelho

When I studied Social Communication, with an emphasis on Public Relations, I understood the importance of fluid communication directed to each public with which an organisation relates.


After having experience with organisational communication in an advertising agency, industry and non-profit organisation, I pursued a post-graduation in Social Innovation Management at the Amani Institute, when I discovered the field of dialogue facilitation and recognized myself as a facilitator.

In search of improving myself in this practice, I sought training in different methodologies - Art of Hosting, Theory U, Essence of Facilitation (phenomenology), Thinking Environment, Sociocracy, Nonviolent Communication, Social Presence Theatre, Dragon Dreaming, Visual Facilitation, among others.

The impact of becoming more conscious about the quality of my presence in my conversations and relationships brought the desire to offer more people a personal development space in the field of dialogue. Between 2017 and 2020, I co-hosted learning spaces around this field, involving Theory U, Art of Hosting and other methodologies, for about 100 people.

I am a partner at CoCriar, a member of Sociocracy for All (SoFA) and co-founder of Húmus. In 2021, I was selected as a Chevening Awards fellow to study for an MA in Power, Participation and Social Change at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) at Sussex University, UK. 

Learn more about projects I have been involved in here .

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Photo: William Gomes

About this website

Besides the gallery with relevant projects in which I have been involved in my trajectory, I will publish content - reflections, proposals and stories - that I consider may inspire more conscious and sustainable views on how we relate, produce, consume, and live. I hope that what feeds my thoughts may generate ideas in you as well.

If anything you see here makes you want to talk more, write to me at

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