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Initiative for Responsible Carnaúba

Photo: GIZ / UEBT

Decision-making by consent in a multi-stakeholder initiative


Complex challenges require the collaboration of different actors to be addressed. The Initiative for Responsible Carnauba (IRC) brings together organisations involved in the whole chain of extraction, processing and sale of the wax of Carnaúba, a native tree of the states of Ceará and Piauí. The multi-sector platform aims to create collaboration pacts between members to preserve biodiversity in the Brazilian Caatinga and Cerrado regions and to respect human rights in this chain.


The Union for Ethical Biotrade (UEBT), organisation that coordinates IRC, invited CoCriar to conduct the annual meeting with the Initiative members - representatives of national and international companies from health, aesthetics, food and other sectors from Brazil and abroad.

Over two days, we facilitated a gathering of engagement and dialogue among IRC members, conducting a process of decision-making by consent regarding proposals previously drawn up by working groups to develop the Initiative along the axes of Governance, Transparency, Working Conditions and Biodiversity.

The project took place entirely online.

The IRC is made possible through the German International Cooperation Agency GIZ and the Union for Ethical Biotrade.


July 2020

CoCriar Team

Augusto Cuginotti

Bruna Viana

Pedro Limeira


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