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Rethinking the Brazilian Federal District

Image: Repensar o DF2030

Participatory enquiry to guide citizen-centred public policies


Rethinking DF2030 is an initiative created by the Centre for Strategic Studies and Management (Centro de Gestão e Estudos Estratégicos - CGEE), a body linked to the Brazilian government's Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, to provide a basis for the creation of public policies based on the concerns and needs of the citizens of Brasilia's administrative regions.


During the period when I joined the team of facilitators, between January and March 2021, the project involved residents of the neighbouring cities of Brasilia in a cycle of online meetings, with participatory methodologies, through the following stages:

  • Identify the priority themes for action in each territory (Education, Public Safety, Land Regularisation, Culture, Mobility, among others)

  • Identify the primary needs related to each theme

  • Identify ideas and solutions for the needs of each territory

  • Co-create projects for citizen action in the short term

  • Forwarding long-term demands to thematic specialists that would provide the basis for public policy guidelines

My role was to facilitate meetings with residents, thematic experts, managers and public officials, representatives of civil society organisations, entrepreneurs, artists and others to investigate the reality, exchange perceptions and co-create solutions.

The whole process was carried out online. NucleoTec coordinated the project.


January to March 2021


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